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Sure, a Brother is someone who rides with you almost every weekend to an event that your Club or another Club is putting on.

Sure, a Brother goes out with you and you both party your asses off.

Sure, a Brother is someone who shows up and rides with you when you’re called by You-Know-Who to T.C.B.

Sure, a Brother is someone who wears your Colors and calls you Brother,

But what I’m talking about is;

A Brother is one who sits with you for 10+ hours when your loved one is going through an operation. And assures you everything will be alright!

A Brother is one who refuses to leave your side when the Hospital Staff assures him that your Heart Attack is under control. Then your young, DAMN FINE, female Doctor comes in and says she needs to give you a complete physical. Again he refuses to leave your side and as he sits in the chair across from you. He asks, as you’re bending over the table and you have her finger up your ….,he says “does that feel good”?

A Brother is one who, when you wake up in the hospital after an accident and he’s sound asleep in the chair next to you and you find out from the nurses that he’s been there for three days.

A Brother is one who shows up EVERYDAY after you’ve returned home from the hospital and changes the bandages, fixes your Bike and MAKES you get back on that horse that bucked you off!

A Brother is one who when he hears a Harley pull up at 3am and a knock at the door reveals your Brother there with his pillow in hand and he says “Trouble at Home” nuff said..

A Brother is one when the above goes bad and he returns home; you go with him to sleep on the floor for a month while she finds a new place to stay. Just so she can’t say your Brother beat her up. Course your Brother is sleeping on the floor too!

A Brother is one who is woken up at 2am by a phone call, and the Brother on the other end says “The ol’lady was out with the girls and she called and said she has had too much to drink to drive home” and she has the only car they have…so you get dressed and pick up your Brother and go to the bar.

A Brother is one who rides 700 miles to your home and then wakes up with you the next morning at 4am to leave by 6am, to ride with you in the Dead of Winter, as you Escort the Viet Nam Veterans MOVING WALL 790 miles to it’s next location only doing 55mph in front of the Semi Truck. Then when you start up a mountain and the truck can only go 20mph you look at each other and smile…knowing them boys on that wall, sure do appreciate it!

A Brother is one who is with you at “STAND DOWN” handing out clothes, serving food, and each night standing guard over OUR HOMELESS VETERANS (that our government cares nothing about) as they sleep knowing they are free from fear of being mugged or killed while they sleep. For the first time that year, even if for only three days, they sleep knowing they are SAFE as you and your Brother stand guard over them. He also sits with you as you listen to that WAR torn Veteran the next morning, while you’re all drinking coffee, he tells you of his combat nightmare he had that night... and every night. He just can’t ever get it out of his head. GOD BLESS these Men and OURS that have the same Nightmare.

A Brother is one who visits our VA Hospitals during the year but especially at Christmas to visit the VETERANS that have been forgotten! Or due to their own medical needs, can’t leave.

A Brother is one who gets a phone call in the middle of the night as you're "getting busy" and says his scoot is broke down, can you bring the trailer (now gotta admit for about a half a second you think about finishing, but then it dawns on you…hell she’ll still be here when you get back)!

A Brother is one who NO MATTER what time it is, when you're called, and your BROTHER is in TROUBLE, whether with the Law, Family, or in his OWN MIND…and he says he can't GO ON any longer, but he wanted you to know that he LOVES YOU and wants to tell you Good Bye…


A Brother stands Solemn Guard over a fallen Brother from the time he is released to the Funeral Home until he is interned into the ground days later… EVEN when the FUNERAL HOME says you can’t spend the night. Or stands watch over the Fallen Brother in the Crematorium as he is cremated, even when you’re told you can’t be in there.

A Brother is one who receives that dreaded phone call late at night saying your Brother (mentioned MANY times above) was killed in an accident traveling through Las Vegas, while going up to Utah because his blood Brother was in the Hospital and wasn’t expected to survive. You rush over to be with his wife, and stay most of the night. The next morning you take off at 5am for Las Vegas, on the ride up you reflect over all your GOOD TIMES together. When they are ready for you to make the identification they take you back to where your Brother is,

YES it’s him. It sinks in, he’s really gone.

You get on your tip toes to be able to bend down into the cardboard box he’s laying in and place your hand under his head to lift him up to Kiss Him Goodbye, and your hand goes into nothingness, half his head is gone!

You wait for the local Brothers to arrive and take watch while you return home to prepare for his services.

A week later you ride back, Place his Colors on him, and Escort your Brother into the Crematorium and REFUSE to leave. Eight Hours later, you receive his ashes.

You gather some of your Brothers ashes and place them into a tube and seal it, place it on the rear license plate frame.

Yes my Brother you Ride with me EVERYWHERE! (sorry you're ridin Bitch)


(Ironically the above blood Brother survives, A Brother takes the Place for another Brother)

I could go on and on about my experiences. But you get the drift. BROTHERS are NOT ONLY THERE in the GOOD TIMES…but more IMPORTANTLY they're there in the BAD TIMES!

Needless to say I LOVE  MY BROTHERS!!!!







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