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  • Our first and primary mandate is to do everything within our powers to bring our POW/MIA Brothers in arms home and to insist that our Government demands accountability for each and every one of those patriots.

  • Operation ZERO -- Due to the overwelming number of Active Duty and Veterans attempting suicide every day (22 per day committed, thats RIGHT 22 every single day, trending upward unfortunately) we are taking it upon ourselves to train our members on suicide prevention and dedicate ourselves to helping ALL those in need of help. If you have ever thought of or are now concidering taking your life....PLEASE, PLEASE reach out to any of our members and we will provide you with all the assistance you need and will stay with you until your crisis is over!

  • Work with VETERANS to ensure they are receiving all the benifits that they are entitled to.

Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch
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